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Deji wrote:

I'll take a look at that, thanks. I've been going through multiple online tutorials on C++, C++/CLI and C#... Trying to decide which one to focus on more. I've nearly gone through one whole tutorial on C++ and still have no clue on how to do anything. Learning C# seems more effective, but maybe it'd help to look around for some C++ source codes on simple programs to understand how to put stuff to use.

I'll try and make more sense of the decompiled code tommorrow and release.

I know this is offtopic but it might help you to make a decision concerning your question on which language to focus on:

C++ is still the standard language favoured by most Software devolpers and nearly all game developers because its faster ( concerning the runtime compiler speed).
C# uses a clearer structure than C++/CLI does and the latest update minimized the speed advantage of CLI to C# on only 20% and the C# compiler is improved [hangover]everyday, every fuckin day! [/hangover] and so it will take a couple of years until C++ has little advantages

I have a friend who works as programmer and software developer and he told me theres a change going on in the applied informatics scene... an increasing number of software developers are changing their requirements:
They appoint more and more C# programmers or even switch completly to C#.

So, although its not the most popular language it soon will turn into the most used (or a better language gets released :S)


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although I never ran out of vars in my ridiculous  mods but anyway i think this opens some other doors for coding smile

nice work Deji:^

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you released the modles, but you didn't rmoved their referneces:

01c2 for actors and 01c3 for cars

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