#1 Re: GTA Modding » Girlfriend Problem » 02-10-2010 23:09

MaryseDynasty wrote:
Deji wrote:

Also... Do you happen to have Windows Vista?

Yup. Is Vista the problem? I have an XP computer but there is no audio card so i can't play SA.

I play GTA San Andreas on Windows Vista and I have to run it as Administrator. I can date all my girlfriends, first with CLEO3, then with Hot Coffee, and now with CLEO4 and Hot Coffee. Perhaps installing Hot Coffee helps?? dunno, but i don't think the problem is in CLEO.

#2 Re: GTA Modding » ~ CLEO Script Tutorial ~ » 02-10-2010 23:03


Wow, thanks to you I can make my own scripts! Thank you very much. Great Tutorial.

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