#1 Re: GTA Modding » Sanny Builder / CLEO discussion » 05-08-2008 10:36

Rapier wrote:

@Seemann: This is about CLEO Library update(s)/installation. Would not it be better to make a autoinstaller to install the CLEO library or to make updates? I think that the Inno Setup is capable to open the SASCM.INI and write the new opcodes, update files or something like. It is only an idea but certainly would be more professional and more practical too.

I agree.

#2 Re: GTA Modding » CLEO 3 Library (issues and solutions) » 04-08-2008 18:27

Seemann wrote:

Download a full copy of CLEO 3 from http://cleo.sannybuilder.com , install it. If it will not work, get the compact exe (search in this topic).

Hey the new version of cleo3.rar has no CLEO folder... where the .cs file have to go?

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