#1 Re: GTA Modding » CLEO Crashing SAMP » 08-11-2009 05:16

not sure but sa-mp might have had a patch or something, since lots of cleo mods can be used for cheating in sa-mp, like money, infinite ammo. Have you tried without the lights mod?

#2 Re: GTA Modding » Coordinates Messed » 08-11-2009 01:53

No i was not in an interior sad I have no clue whats wrong

#4 GTA Modding » Coordinates Messed » 01-11-2009 06:13

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So i used Sanny's coordinate option, used them in my mod. But when i test it, the actor is there, but not in the spot i was when i got the coords. Do i need to update Sanny for something?

#5 Re: GTA Modding » CLEO 3 Library (issues and solutions) » 28-11-2008 01:09

yeah its version one cause i can use car mods.. maybe i need to find a different car spawner ty for help Seemann

#6 Re: GTA Modding » CLEO 3 Library (issues and solutions) » 23-11-2008 02:20

uhhm ok so everything worked good but gta_sa_compact.exe is  Version two.. and i want version one so i can use a carspawner.exe i tired using a downgrader but it didn't work.. how do i downgrade GTA_sa_compact.exe to v1.00?

#7 Re: GTA Modding » CLEO DON'T WORK » 22-11-2008 19:09

http://sannybuilder.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=388 thats a link i used form here that helped me, you have to dl the file archive Seemann says in a post then scroll down to his other one where you download gta_sa_compact.exe from the link he gives then put it it your gat sa directory like he says then cleo should work

#8 Re: GTA Modding » CLEO 3 Library (issues and solutions) » 22-11-2008 05:15

Seemann wrote:

OK, you have the US version then. As it's the version of the game (1.00 US) with which this library MUST work correctly, so I don't know the reason why it doesn't. Happens.

[.]Download this archive, unrar it to the game directory (confirm files replacing if Winrar ask). You should get three files: cleo.asi, vorbisFile.dll, vorbisHooked.dll in the directory where your San Andreas installataion is. Then get any CLEO script (a file with extension .cs; you can find them at the CLEO\examples folder), and put this file to SA_dir\CLEO\ folder. Run the game and enjoy the script.

Say, you have installed SA at "D:\SA" folder. Then you must have:

D:\SA\cleo.asi (newest version)
D:\SA\CLEO\*.cs (any scripts or plugins there)

D:\SA\CLEO\cleo_saves\ - the CLEO saves will be created there, when you save the game.

And what version of the game do you have, btw?


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