#2 Re: GTA Modding » Compile error on cleo for gta sa » 24-09-2019 07:23

Seemann wrote:

Sanny Builder is not aware of what Actor.Defined is. It might a custom class that is not present in the original classes.db file that is distibuted with Sanny Builder. You might want to ask the script author to provide the classes.db that contains definitions for actor.defined and update your classes.db.

Or you may replace Actor.Defined with an actual opcode - in this case it's most likely will be

056D:   actor 2@ defined

Thank you!

#3 GTA Modding » Compile error on cleo for gta sa » 19-09-2019 10:17

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I was going to compile a .cs file for cleo and this happening, can anyone know how to solve it?


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