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drfeelgood22785 wrote:

I have GTA SA 2.0 U.S. downgraded to 1.0 using a patch.  After adding about 7 or 8 car mods, I noticed the game was having issues redrawing the buildings and other textures too slowly or sometimes not at all. So I downloaded SAstreamMemFix to fix the issue and unpacked it into my GTA SA root folder but when i try to run it i get a message saying that my version isn't supported and that only 1.0 and 1.0usCompact are. So I downloaded the gta_sa_compact and unpack it into the root folder of GTA SA but it still says the version isn't supported. Is this because I have version 2.0 to begin with? If not, how can I solve my issue? thanks!

PC specs:
-P4 3.0ghz processor
-2x1024 OCZ platinum ram
- nVidia 8800GTS 320MB
-windows xp media center edition

well i cant tell you exactly cause i have had 1.0 us from the begining but what i do know is that its not simple by just adding the compact.exe in your directory because 1.0-2.0 versions have many missing files and if you try and add the compact in your directory it will try to open files that are not there. for now i dont suggest anything until Seemann will give instructions

#3 Re: GTA Modding » Air Hud Cleo Mod Don't appear » 16-08-2008 15:24

xuxu wrote:

I've downloaded hud (http://gtasamod.web.fc2.com/cleomod/hud/index.html)
and It didn't appeared while I was playing GTA SA. Can Any1 help me? sad

i've tryed 4 times and don't work cry

Plz reply soon as possible.

Can you do a video shoing the HUD? wink

i had the same problem,if you did everything right, when you go in a plane type hud and it will appear as a cheat

#4 Re: GTA Modding » CLEO 3 Library (issues and solutions) » 16-08-2008 15:22

gtamoder wrote:

yea the gta_sa compact.exe now its working but after about 5 to 10 minutes the cleo mods stop working expect the ghost rider cleo and anti-matiral cleo (mods).

obviously i am going to ask you whats your version of gta,the best for the latest cleo mods is the gta_sa.exe v1.0 us version

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gtamoder wrote:

I have a problem to my game crashes as I open it and when I use the compact.exe it crashes right before it finishes loading any one know why and if yes how to fix.


**EDIT**: oh you mean gta_sa.exe?

#6 Re: GTA Modding » I NEED HELP!!! » 13-08-2008 10:20

PlAyEr wrote:

If I want to load a save, the game crashes at 1cm on the loading bar!
I have Version 1.0 US

I tried everything to fix that, but I can't bring it to work!

I can't play the game if I put the cleo.asi out too.
And I can't play it if I use the normal vorbisFile.dll!

I can't play GTA:SA anymore!!!
If I play it with Cleo3 or without Cleo3, It crashes when I load a save.

I couldn't play the game anymore after I installed SannyBuilder and Cleo3!

I have tried the gta_sa_compact.exe, so don't say this could work.

I installed new cars, but I tried it with the normal cars!

The "AllInOneMod by spaceeinstein" isn't the problem, because I've tried it with the normal files already, and it didn't work...

I uploaded my gta_sa.exe that you can try it if it works for you.

Please I really need help!

read the other topis before posting for help!

#7 GTA Modding » new map » 11-08-2008 18:19

Replies: 3

is it possible using cleo3 to add new maps(tracks,mountains)etc and also changing the car handling?being sa-mp compatible and this is not to cheat.

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