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cleo.asi stop san andreas from booting

Sorry to create a topic for this but ive already looked through the forum trying to find a solution for this but...

basically ive got a clean install of v1.0 san adreas and ive just downloaded the latest cleo3 from sannybuilder.com and ive still got the same problem i had before... when ever cleo.asi is in the root gta san andreas directory the game wont boot up - when using the cd (standard v1.00 exe) it starts and cuts the process before the screen goes black and if i use a no-cd (hoodlum v1.00 exe) it stops it straight away (i check task manager to see if the game starts - it does but then the process just stops and the game doesn't boot) but only when ive got cleo.asi in the foler - when its not in there the game runs fine...

sorry to write a essay but i was wondering if i could get any assistance... thanks in advance


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