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[HELP] Sanny builder 3 compile error!

Hey guys! ALL I want to do is change the hotkey for my cleo mod, but I keep getting this error.
This is the steps I do, I will provide screens in some.

[b]Step 1.
Open up my .cs file.

Step 2.
Find the OABO:

Step 3.
Changing the number to 187:

Step 4.
Run + compile, I get this error:
Help please![/b]


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Re: [HELP] Sanny builder 3 compile error!

It does not seem to be your own mod, otherwise you should have the actual source code of it, not that mess. HEX..END insertions point out that you decompiled the script being possibly protected by the author. In this case you either should ask him to help, or try to remove all the code following the line #0026 and recompile.


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