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Troubles with script

I have a script that checks 3dtextlabels using 0C46: samp get_3d_text_info_by_id opcode.

I faced the problem that it only allows to see 3dtextlabels in stream area so I decided to use 0BC0: samp send_onfoot_data opcode to check possible areas.

But problem is that I must HOLD the button to see the effect ( I think it's connected to the fact that 3dtextlabels need some time to load into my stream or so).

I tried to use construction:

0AB1: @SendOnfootFakePosition 3 927.4911 -1352.4216 13.3438
wait 1
0AB1: @SendOnfootFakePosition 3 927.4911 -1352.4216 13.3438
wait 1
0AB1: @SendOnfootFakePosition 3 927.4911 -1352.4216 13.3438

but it doesn't work correctly anyways.

Can anyone please tell me what's the problem and how can I use it properly? Actually if you can help me to finish the script I'd like to pay some money for your efforts.

1) Can server anti-cheat catch me when I 0BC0: samp send_onfoot_data?
2) Is it possible to make 0BC0: samp send_onfoot_data work inside interiors when I'm not inside?
3) How to place 150-200 coordinates to check all of them?

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