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[Sanny Builder] Making a CLEO

Hey all, i'm making a cleo, this cleo type msj in chat when a target a player with a gun.

This is the cleo code:

$CLEO .cs}             

0000: "/id"

wait 1000
if and 
0AD2: 0@ = player $PLAYER_CHAR targeted_char
0AB0: 66                      
jf @idapuntarcmd
0B2B: samp 1@ = get_player_id_by_CHAR_handle 0@
0B36: samp 2@ = get_player_nickname 1@
0AF9: samp say_msg "/id %d" 1@

jump @idapuntar

It works fine, so, i need only work if i see the nickname over the other player, if i don't see the name show the message "You need close to the player to see the /id", ?Anyone can help me?

Sory for my bad english.

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