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Compiling for LCS/VCS?

For a very long time people want to properly mod PSP GTA games LCS and VCS, so far we only got cheat device scripts and hard-to-do simple texture mods. For a long time portable GTA community have been waiting for modding tools without success.
But now more on topic. Since Sannybuilder has got more than anyone else in case of mission script modding, why not to try adding compiling those files? It would be really useful for portable GTA modding community and easier that creating scripts with cheat device. smile


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Re: Compiling for LCS/VCS?

Hey, I'm new here, but you might have heard from me if you're a gtaforums user !

I'm Upaluppa, a longtime LCS and VCS Cheatdevice Developer, so I'm involved in the GTA modding scene for quite some time now.

Coding with Cheatdevice is damn hard, a Sannybuilder with VCS main.scm compatibility would make things so much easier for us GTA Stories modders...

What I wanted to say is, I would be thankful if someone of the Sannybuilder team gives us an answer on our question !

There was never much interest in modding the PSP  GTA's, so I guess that's the reason why nobody tried to (de)compile their main.scm files.

So do you guys think it can be done ?

I can understand it if you have your reasons against VCS compiling, but please, atleast let us know what you think.
A negative response is still better than nothing at all !


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Re: Compiling for LCS/VCS?

A decade later you got it... Sanny Builder now supports LCS scm format.


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