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vorbisFile.dll causing crash

My vorbisFile.dll seems to be causing a crash after installing the SannyBuilder and Cleo libs. Any ideas on this? Running retail version of SA from DVD in a DVD/RW drive not using a NOCD Crack, of note I have been using CLEO this past week using a cracked version of the game no problem, decided I liked it and dropped the cash for it to support Rockstar. I hope I don't have to go back to using a NOCD crack. My CLEO radio never worked with the crack.

EDIT* Just noticed using v2.00 english of SA. Not sure the cracked version I was using, may have something to do with it.

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Re: vorbisFile.dll causing crash

Bad news for you: version 2.00 isn't supported and never will to. To continue using CLEO you should replace your gta_sa.exe with the NO-CD version, which is v1.0 I guess.


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Re: vorbisFile.dll causing crash

Yeah, did that about 10 mins after posting last night, after the reinstall a weeks worth of save games wouldn't work with v2.00 so I uninstalled it and reinstalled the cracked version. I still own the game so I'm not sweating it. Also can't get the CLEO radio working under this version, using hoodlum nocd v1.00.

vorbisFiledll.dll and vorbisHooked.dll along with CLEO folder in main GTA:SA dir. Other CLEO mods work fine.
Contents of radio.ini


E:\Music\DVD 3\
E:\Music\DVD 4\
E:\Music\DVD 2\
E:\Music\DVD 5\Poe\
E:\Music\DVD 6\

Have tried direct links to mp3's and also tried using the carot you had in the readme. Went without, assumed it's a difference in OS due to language difference.

Is there anyway to enable logging so I can track why this isn't working yet other mods do. Or could it be due to a difference in version files?


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