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Very Big Confusion

Ok i am new to the whole new Cleo files. Ive been playing GTA SA for years but i recently returned to see some new mods and to my suprise a new file system. basicly i am confused about this whole consept. How do i install? How do i make them work? How do i know what to type in to make them work?

My problems are as follows. my GTA SA is v 2.00 i downgraded to 1.00 but it was crashing for no reason( never happened). so then i installed a NO-CD crack and it stopped crashing at the loading point. now my biggest problem is how to know what to press. since most of the mods i am downloading do not have a readme.


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Re: Very Big Confusion

http://zazmahall.de/ZAZGTASANATORIUM/CL … 3BASIC_eng

now my biggest problem is how to know what to press.

open a .cs file with sanny builder, and find the keypress checks. then refer to the help to find out the keys IDs lists (for opcodes 00E1 and 0AB0). Or search thru the internet where this mod was published and maybe you will find more instructions.


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